Hearing Aids in The Villages
Hearing Aids


Let us help you find the right hearing aid for your lifestyle.

Hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as their family, friends, and associates. Miscommunication leads to difficulties for the person experiencing hearing loss and those around them. Don’t let poor hearing cause you to miss out on life’s many special moments. Explore how a digital hearing instrument can impact your life.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid Model.

Most major hearing aid manufacturers offer high-powered digital hearing aids with incredibly fast processing systems, wireless connectivity to increase wearer accessibility, and sophisticated and sleek design.
Below, you will find the hearing aid brands that we offer at Hear More Medical. We encourage you to explore the features and options available to you.
Schedule an appointment with an audiologist at Hear More Medical. From a consultation and hearing examination, we will find the best hearing aid to meet our specific hearing needs.

It is CRUCIAL that your spouse or significant other accompany you to your appointments.

Hearing Aid Styles



Mild to moderate hearing losses
Very small case
Fits inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible
Size prevents the use of directional microphones



Mild to moderately severe hearing losses
Small, one piece case
Fits inside the ear canal
Directional microphones are possible with this model



Mild to moderate losses
Leaves the ear canal open for a natural sound quality
Smallest external hearing aid, as the receiver is located in the end of the tube inside the ear
Very small case that sits behind the ear, making it practically invisible



Mild to severe losses
Fully featured hearing aids
Larger case can be easier for wearers with dexterity considerations
Case contains all features and sits behind the ear
Many color options



Mild to moderate hearing losses
Very small case
Fits inside the ear canal, making it practically invisible 3-D computerized rendering.






Hearing Aid Brands